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Health Benefits of Thai Food

Dining in the UK is, like so many aspects of modern life, sometimes a compromise. In days gone by, when gender roles conformed to long-established stereotypes, a housewife would prepare a full, cooked meal for the family to share in the evening. These days, when it is more likely that both partners in a relationship will have careers, time is at a premium and many begrudge time spent cooking after a busy day at work. Consequently, takeaway food and restaurant meals account for a larger part of our diet then ever before.

While many of us avoid the kind of fast food that we consider to be junky American imports, such as burgers and greasy fried chicken, we do not seem to be so aware of the health aspects of other cuisines which, although established, are also relative newcomers to our shores.

Health in diet and lifestyle is a modern obsession. We shy away from overdoing the very obvious unhealthy foods. We limit our intake of cakes, sweets, chips, but we are less wary of eating Indian and…

Fresh Thai sweets now available

You can now purchase these wonderfully tasty Thai sweets. They are freshly made in Thailand and imported in on a weekly basis.

These include:-

Kanom Chan, Layered Dessert: A steamed coconut layer rice cake eaten cold, cut into cubes. This keeps for a week or two in the frigde and can be made well ahead of time.

Kanom Luk Chub, Sweet Beans: Kanom luk chub are marzipan-like sweets made from a paste of steamed green beans mixed with thick coconut milk, sugar and water.

Khanom Kluay, Banana Pudding: Steamed banana pudding with coconut. As with many dishes in Thailand, this is less sweet than western desserts, making it quite a healthy dessert to eat.

Med Kanoon, Jackfruit seed in syrup: Made of mixture of mung bean or taro, coconut cream, sugar and egg yolk (Duck egg). Formed in an oval shape and dipped in egg yolk (Duck egg).

Thong Yip, Picking Gold: Thong Yip is popularly made on propitious occasions since its name begins with the word 'thong' which means gold and the Thais believe th…

A Guide for the Gastronomically Timid British Newbie

A surprising number of us Brits are still very wary of "foreign food". Despite claims that curry is now as much an English national dish as roast beef or fish and chips, there are still many people who are missing out on flavours they never dreamed existed. Whether we like it or not, the British palate is not renowned for its sense of adventure. Our indigenous cuisine is universally regarded as bland and, apart from the odd dash of mustard or horseradish sauce, hot and spicy are not qualities easily found in a traditional British meal.

Still a relatively novel cuisine to many British diners, Thai food offers a visually appealing alternative to the more familiar Indian and Chinese foods. With its wide range of flavours, Thai cuisine can cater to both the conservative and the adventurous palate. This article describes some of the flavours, and some of the heath and social benefits of Thai dining.

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Thai Food Online Facebook Group

Love it, or hate it, Facebook is here to stay. So we have now created our own Facebook group, where both customers and people who have an interest in Thai food can exchange ideas and recipes. You can also participate in discussions about Thai food and Thai recipes.

So this would be a great way for you to meet similar people like yourself who share a passion for Thai food!

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New recipe added to our website:
Chicken And Cashew Nut (Gai Pad Med Mamuang Himaphan)

Thai Chicken and Cashew Nuts is one of many stir fry dishes that came to Thailand via the Chinese. Cashew chicken is a simple stir fry recipe that is easy to make, plus healthy and delicious.

The finest cashews in the world are grown in Thailand, mainly on the island of Phuket. Mamuang himaphan means cashew nut but there is an interesting translation. Himaphan's original meaning refers to the Garden of Eden, and the cashew nut looks like a small mango.

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Thai Food Online is better than your local supermarket!

It’s Official – We stock better Thai food products than Tesco, Marks & Spencers, Asda and Waitrose.

In a test carried out by David Thompson, executive head chef at Nahm (in central London) for the Observer Food Monthly, he rated the products stocked by us here at Thai Food Online to be superior to the ones available at most supermarkets. Click here to view the article (1.4 mb) …

This comes as no surprise as our products are all genuine high quality authentic Thai products, whereas the Thai brands made in the UK and the big supermarket chains tend to be a bit “bland” and not so flavoursome.

For the “real Thai taste”, always remember to use authentic Thai products and fresh ingredients. This will ensure delicious meals every time!

Beef in Oyster sauce recipe

New recipe added to our website:
Beef In Oyster Sauce (Neur Pad Num Mun Hoy)

This classic oriental beef dish is convenient and tasty and it can serve, two, four or more. Add your own selection of vegetables to make it individual and healthy.

Follow along with the video showing it being cooked or download the recipe to your computer for later use.

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Smiling Fish Brand Added

We have now added the popular 'Smiling Fish' Thai brand of canned seafood products. These can either be eaten as a snack on their own, with rice or with a tasty Thai soup.

The varieties we have in stock are:

Fried clams with chilli
Mackerel with salted beans
Mackerel with chilli in tomato sauce
Mackerels in chilli sauce

Thai newspapers & magazines

We have now added the most popular Thai newspapers and magazines as a new category on our website. This will allow the Thai people living in the UK and EU keep in touch with the latest happenings and gossip occurring in Thailand.Similar to our fresh food products, there newspapers and magazines are imported in from Thailand on a weekly basis, ensuring you are kept up to date with the very latest issues. Also like our fresh products, any orders containing Thai newspapers or magazines will be dispatched on a Wednesday.

Delivery Prices Cut!

We have recently cut our delivery costs, making it easier (and cheaper) for our customers to order their Thai food online.

Express delivery is now only £6.95, compared to what is was at £7.95.

Delivery to the Scottish highlands & islands and the Channel Islands is also now only £6.95.

Delivery to Northern Ireland is now only £11.95.

What's more we have increased our weight allowance for these delivery prices up to 30kgs. This was previously 25kgs.

Thai Seafood Salad

New recipe added to our website: Thai Seafood Salad (Yam Talay)

Yum means mixture of different flavors, often associated with a salad, Talay means seafood. This mixed seafood salad, Thai-style, is a winner. It can be made with any combination of seafood you have on hand.

Perfect for the summer, this popular Thai Salad is both healthy and easy to make.

Every bite of this sumptuous seafood salad offers a taste-explosion of Thai flavors! While nearly every nation bordering an ocean has its own type of seafood salad, you'll definitely find this Thai version to be one of the best!

Makes a great appetizer or side dish. » view recipe …

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