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Kanom Jeen Namya Recipe Added

Noodles With Thai Fish Curry Sauce (Kanom Jeen Namya)
A dish most commonly known in the northeastern Isan region of Thailand,noodles with Thai fish curry saucestyle of food is traditionally served in large quantities for whole families. Variations can be seen in the way minced chicken is used instead of fish, or how some people prefer a vegetarian alternative with crunchy vegetables and alternative to fish sauce. A very versatile choice of food,Kanom Jeen Nam Yais often served with a side dish of vegetables consisting of pickles sour mustard, bitter melon,water spinach(morning glory)and plenty ofgreen beansand beansprout, which are mixed into the noodle and sauce to create a smooth yet crunchy combination of flavours.
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New Recipe Added - Thai Yellow Curry

Thai Yellow Curry

A dish with a strong southern Thai influence originating from the large Muslim population that occupy the far southern islands of Thailand. With a rich texture and distinct aroma, the Thai yellow curry is a popular late afternoon or evening meal. Variations to the curry can differ from choice of ingredients as many of those who live near the beautiful sands of south Thailand prefer to place seafood in their curry. Green or red pepper as well as bamboo slices may also be placed into the curry for added texture.