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A Guide for the Gastronomically Timid British Newbie

A surprising number of us Brits are still very wary of "foreign food". Despite claims that curry is now as much an English national dish as roast beef or fish and chips, there are still many people who are missing out on flavours they never dreamed existed. Whether we like it or not, the British palate is not renowned for its sense of adventure. Our indigenous cuisine is universally regarded as bland and, apart from the odd dash of mustard or horseradish sauce, hot and spicy are not qualities easily found in a traditional British meal.

Still a relatively novel cuisine to many British diners, Thai food offers a visually appealing alternative to the more familiar Indian and Chinese foods. With its wide range of flavours, Thai cuisine can cater to both the conservative and the adventurous palate. This article describes some of the flavours, and some of the heath and social benefits of Thai dining.

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Thai Food Online Facebook Group

Love it, or hate it, Facebook is here to stay. So we have now created our own Facebook group, where both customers and people who have an interest in Thai food can exchange ideas and recipes. You can also participate in discussions about Thai food and Thai recipes.

So this would be a great way for you to meet similar people like yourself who share a passion for Thai food!

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