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Soy Beans - Many Forms Used in Thai Cooking

Walking through a supermarket in Thailand you will notice there will literally be a full aisle with soy products. They range from dried beans and even milk. They all use the same product but they are prepared and used in different ways. Soy beans have been used in Asia for thousands of years and are actually an oil seed, not a pulse, which they are commonly mistaken for. The beans were once considered to be important in Asian countries such as China, Thailand and Korea as they were called sacred by farmers, who up until 1920 did not use the bean for food but rather for industrial purposes when growing other crops.
One form in which soy beans are used and commonly sold throughout Thailand is oil. Soy oil can be found everywhere in the country in large and small supermarkets. The soy beans naturally contain 19% oil, which is extracted by first cracking them and rolling them flat so they take to a flake like form. After being blended and refined, the oil is ready. Leftover flakes are then…

Sam Fox uses Thai Food Online ingredients

Come dine with me – Celebrity Special

After ordering her ingredients from Thai Food Online, Sam Fox serves up a tasty meal and proves that she is more than a pair of crackers!
"I did change the face of page three and show that we have brains and personalities and we can do other stuff," says the glamorous glamour model, whose vocal talents have racked up 30 million albums worldwide.
After a volatile week Sam is on a mission to unite the group, but it won't be easy with cougar Janice on the prowl.
"Janice was really, really rude," says Jeff.
"I wasn't," complains Janice, "I was being social."
After decades in the biz, Sam knows no celebrity party is complete without… ping pong.
"The table tennis was clearly what we lacked this week, it was like we were one big happy family," grins a happy Jeff.
The loving vibe continues over dinner and Sam seems to have nailed the evening from her complimentary name tags (Foxy Sam, Calum the Best) to he…