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Our Thai Recipes are getting a makeover

We are re-designing our recipe pages. Have a preview of the first recipe to undergo a makeover!Thai Green Curry Recipe
Gaeng Khiao Wan Gaior to give it an English name,Green Curry with Chicken, is one of the most popular dishes in Thailand. Almost every visiting tourist will encounter Green Curry, as it is found on every restaurant menu in one form or another. Green Curry tends to be one of the more fiery curries cooked in Thailand, on par withRed Curry (Gaeng Phed), but not as spicy asWild Curry (Gaeng Pa). The spiciness is derived from both the chilies used in the dish, and theGreen Curry Pastewhich forms the basis of the preparation. Usually the curry paste will be purchased pre-made, although the paste itself will have been made fresh by the person selling it, and the overall taste of the curry depends very much on how this paste was made. A good curry paste makes a good curry; it’s as simple as that.
The major difference between Green Curry and other curries is its sweetness. Due …