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Thai Oliang Coffee Drink

Oliang Coffee Mix (454 g) by Pantai
The unique Thai coffee drink known as "oliang" is a blend of coffee, sesame and corn served over ice. Oliang preparation is a unique process and you can see particular Thai coffee street vendors in Thailand doing it so fast you'd think they can do it with eyes shut.

Thai Coffee Preparation:What You Need (in addition to the coffee).
1. One stainless muslin filter
2. Two small saucepans or extra-wide cups with handles
3. One container full of boiling water

Step 1. Place 2 tablespoons of coffee in stainless muslin filter (filter is seen below in his left hand). Position the filter over saucepan or wide cup and pour about 10 oz boiling water through filter. Then lift the filter, let drain and quickly move filter so it's over another saucepan or wide cup.

Step 2. Pour the liquid coffee back through filter and into saucepan. Then lift the filter, let drain and quickly move filter so it's over the other saucepan or wide cup (basically…

Fresh Authentic Japanese Ingredients make Thai Cuisine Tasty for Dinner Parties

One of the secrets to Asian cooking outside of Asia is that the freshest, most authentic Japanese ingredients are used to make the best meals possible. Thai foods are known worldwide for their diversity of ingredients, complex flavor, delicate and intricate spiciness and fabulous fragrance. Many Thai and Japanese restaurants get business off the street on their food’s aroma alone.

In cities such as New York, London and Frankfurt Asian food is incredibly popular and growing in demand. Weekend workshops in all major cities in the western world are available to those who want to learn to make the most popular Asian foods. What most of these workshops lack is high quality, authentic ingredients!

Thai and Japanese foods, while distinctly different, do share many of the same fresh herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables that simply aren’t grown in the western world. To find ingredients isn’t easy. The international foods aisles in most supermarkets do have basics, but can’t possibly stock all …