Fresh Thai sweets now available

Beef In Oyster Sauce
You can now purchase these wonderfully tasty Thai sweets. They are freshly made in Thailand and imported in on a weekly basis.

These include:-

Kanom Chan, Layered Dessert: A steamed coconut layer rice cake eaten cold, cut into cubes. This keeps for a week or two in the frigde and can be made well ahead of time.

Kanom Luk Chub, Sweet Beans: Kanom luk chub are marzipan-like sweets made from a paste of steamed green beans mixed with thick coconut milk, sugar and water.

Khanom Kluay, Banana Pudding: Steamed banana pudding with coconut. As with many dishes in Thailand, this is less sweet than western desserts, making it quite a healthy dessert to eat.

Med Kanoon, Jackfruit seed in syrup: Made of mixture of mung bean or taro, coconut cream, sugar and egg yolk (Duck egg). Formed in an oval shape and dipped in egg yolk (Duck egg).

Thong Yip, Picking Gold: Thong Yip is popularly made on propitious occasions since its name begins with the word 'thong' which means gold and the Thais believe that gold, which symbolizes fame and wealth, will bring good luck to them.

Thong Yod, Golden Rain Drops: Thong Yod is an ancient Thai dessert served in auspicious ceremonies. It is in a popular family of desserts consisting of 'Thong' (meaning 'Gold') in their names.

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